1000W Split Plastic Welding Heat Gun Torch Hot Air Welding Tool 40-550℃ 2800Pa

1000W Split Plastic Welding Heat Gun Torch Hot Air Welding Tool 40-550℃ 2800Pa
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Product Description

Name:Plastic Welder
Color:as pictures
Rated Voltage:220V
Temperature Range:40-550℃
Wind Pressure:2800Pa
Air Volume:0.3 M3/m
Power Type:AC power supply
Rated Voltage Range:AC single phase and DC 50V and below
Type:Industrial hot air gun

-Insulation performance: "gun core" "motor" and "gun shell" between the 1500V AC voltage (50HZ) after a minute without breakdown phenomenon.
-Temperature 20 degrees, the continuous use of 4 hours, the handle temperature is not higher than 30 degrees.
-The welding torch motor is DC low voltage (24V) motor, as long as connected to 220V AC, you can carry out welding operations, without air pump and pressure transformer with easy to use.
-No air pump and other equipment or engaged in high-altitude, long-distance plastic welding operations units, can buy spare. This product is most suitable for welding with a cross-sectional area of not more than 6 square millimeters of plastic welding.
-Applicable to the welding of plastic sheet, and the use of equipment repair, and at the same time for instruments, instruments, dust, moisture, motor drying. Is an indispensable tool for the production of chemical plastics.

Use And Precautions
-For the first time, there may be smoke. This is a normal phenomenon, power will automatically disappear after 5 minutes.When the torch, please adjust the temperature to the lowest, until the barrel can be cooled before cooling, so as not to waste heat damage machine Pieces, affecting the service life.
-Plastic sheet is heated to 130-140 degrees when it becomes a soft state, a little pressure to shape the welding temperature is generally about 240 degrees, from the welding nozzle mouth about 5-10MM at the temperature of 200-260 degrees; welding should be Note the distance between the nozzle and the solder joint to obtain the desired soldering temperature.
-After the electric wire is broken, you can take the gun shell connection screw, remove the gun core, with the same specifications of the gun can be replaced.
-Welding torch with the complete light to light, so as not to break the gun part of the refractory porcelain material, leaving the electric wire short circuit.

Package Included
1 x Plastic Welder
1 x Plastic Pipe
(Distribute the adapter according to your country)

1000W Split Plastic Welding Heat Gun Torch Hot Air Welding Tool 40-550℃ 2800Pa